Why I Choose Southside Harley Davidson for All My Maintenance and Riding Needs
I bought my bike from Southside Harley Davidson and it was a good experience. So, when it came tome for me to decide who was going to do the 40,000 mile maintenance on it, I chose Southside and they exceeded my expectations. My bike came out of maintenance running like it must have the day it rolled off the factory floor. And I just recently had my safety inspection done and it was a great experience. I really feel like a valued customer and I trust Bryan, Charlie, and Joe when it comes to my bike. And all of the riding gear I have purchased since getting my bike has been of the highest quality and I love the fact that I earn points that I recently used for $50.00 off some items I purchased for my birthday. As for me, I am a completely satisfied customer and Southside Harley Davidson has earned my business BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY - they have earned my trust. (Employee: Bryan Moore, Charlie Haywood, Joe Long)
Thomas Moriarty
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