Warranty work
I have had one fat boy, a freewheeler and two tri-glide ultra's. All good bikes and service has been great on all of them. Have had a good relationship with all departments so far. I was riding my 2019 tri-glide last weekend and the cover that goes over the wiring harness on the backseat blew off from the wind. I backed tracked for 30miles to look for it with no luck in finding it. Called southside to see if the warranty was still in effect, they said 2yrs. well I am within it by 3weeks. My sales man said he would check and get back to me because his warranty man was out to lunch. I called back the next afternoon and asked about it, he said he hadn't had time to check with him, no problem. I got a hold of joe in parts and ordered one. My issue is craftsmanship, either the factory didn't tighten the 2 nuts that hold it on or the tech that put my lighted tour-pak luggage rack on didn't tighten them properly when he wired the luggage rack. The part is only around $37 and no big deal with me but keep an eye on your techs doing some of the work. Guess i should have checked a little closer myself. I have had about $100,000 worth of bikes from southside, if that is the only issue so far then my hat is off to you southside for selling outstanding products. Keep up the good work. H D Wilson (Employee: Tyler Graham, Jeff "Frenchie" Martin, Joe Long)
Henry Wilson
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