Big City Store.. Small Town Vibe
Title says it all! VA Beach is no small town, but you certainly get that Mom and Pop shop vibe when your there. All the staff was friendly and professional first and foremost. When it was Business time was business time. None of this..let me check with my Manger crap. When I decided it was numbers time, it was numbers time and I dealt with Tyler straight up, no back and fourth BS. He tossed me the company number which he, from the business sense, probably hoped I'd accept but knew I wouldn't.. I tossed him my there's no way you can meet this number which I knew he wouldn't meet. And we compromised with a number I had set in my head as my in price range okaynumber. Fair sales gamesmanship. Can't begrudge a man needing to keep the lights on. Devin, my sales guy, is a good salesman, young kid, knows his shit, enough sales pressure to do his job but will within my comfort zone. Tyler, sales manager is passionate about Harley the bike and Southside's reputation as a small town family run store. Pete, the finance guy, knows his job well and knows how to do it. No pressure on the back end sales portion.. ext warranty crap like that. That's his job.. if you know what you want before you go in, tell him what you want. You dont want it he won't try to sell it to you. Have questions.. ask him. For a small deposit they held a pre-owned for me for 2 weeks while I was out of town. Upon return, that bike was straight up ready to go as promised. Devin then went sales on me, quotas and all, and asked if I may be interested in a new Road King instead of the 2919 I was eyeballing. Told him no and the conversation was over, no further discussion or pressure to buy new what so ever, until I told him I was not interested in a new Road King but.. I wanted to discuss a particular Street Glide I saw on their web page. That conversation was initiated by me. So, all this said... comfortable shop, great folks, what can be a stressful experience...(spending big money) wasn't . Do your homework, know what you want, what your okay to spend and have a blast. They earned my 5 Stars, looking forward to being part of this Southside family dealership. (Employee: Devin Caffee)
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Michael Skelly
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