Buying experience made easy!!!
First Id like to thank everyone involved!! This dealership is five star!!! The team members works effortlessly to earn my business all wile clearly explaining the buying process without making me feel pressured to purchase from them. This dealer made me feel like I was part of there family as soon as I walked in the front door and knowing Ive never owned a Harley Davidson product before. Negotiations were honest and upfront. Everyone I came in contact with was super friendly and I felt that this dealer would have my back even after the sale was completed. Joe and Huy from parts and service quickly jumped on my request for upgrades to my new bike. Jeff and Devin from sales were both awesome to deal with. I appreciate everything!! (Employee: Jeff "Frenchie" Martin, Joe Long, Devin Caffee, Peter Popov, Tyler Graham, Joe Scharl, Huy Vo, Leslie "Sister Wild Child" Higginbotham)
Robert Guilmette
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